Bianca Phillips

Kirk Moore

Jonathan Cassou

Valentina Bright

Antony Cannon

Tim Dixon

Mike Liotta


For the time and skills they dedicated to making Outcast Hope a reality. This short wouldn't exist without you.



Katie Holmes

Selim Alpuvan

Alistair Stuart

Ben Davis

Tristan Frodelius

Carly Lightfoot

John Bagazinski

Jocelyn Blair

Graeme Richardson


For their kind donations to the Outcast Hero Project.



Guia Longasa

Lucy Cox

Carly Lightfoot






For the character designs contributed to Outcast Hope.


James Dalby, for putting up with my indecision and multiple question-asking.


Every one of you who has encouraged me with your words of support and enthusiasm, as well as purchasing the DVD and plastering my bedroom wall with fantastic artworks. I love and appreciate all of you!


Creating Outcast Hope has been an amazing experience, and I look forward to bringing what I have learned from that experience into future projects.


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